682T-HP Sulfur Analyzer

Model ASOMA 682T-HP

The 682T-HP is designed for the on-line analysis of sulfur in highly viscous hydrocarbons such as crude and residual oil using XRT (X-ray Transmission) technology. This system is ideal for high temperature and pressure sample streams. With its rugged, time-proven proportional counter detector and X-ray tube source, the 682T-HP gives superb analytical precision with a sulfur limit of detection of 200 ppm. The 682T-HP key features include a fully integrated densitometer, automatic density compensation, touch-screen controls, password protected and rapid update rates.

  • Ideal for analysis of crude and other highly viscous hydrocarbons, pipelines, terminals, blending
  • Sample stream temperatures in excess of 662˚F (350˚C)
  • Proprietary window in flowcell can withstand pressures up to 800psig/55 bar (consult factory for higher pressures)
  • Certified to industry standards
  • Large flowcell diameter (2 inches/5 cm) reduces interferences
  • Analysis range for sulfur of 0.02-6.0%

Operation of the analyzer is regulated by an integral processor. The processor monitors instrument parameters such as process temperature, density, and system diagnostics. It also provides a comprehensive suite of alarms and a standard platform for communicating to a plant-wide DCS. Due to its unique design and robust construction, the system has minimal, if any, sample conditioning and recovery requirements.

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    Process Conditions
    Normal Product Crude oil, heavy hydrocarbons, bunker fuels
    Sulfur Concentration 0.02 - 6%
    Pressure at flowcell Up to 800 psi *
    Flow rate at cell Up to 200 liters/ minute
    Temperature 662ºF/350ºC *
    Density Gauge Required (supplied by AMETEK or the customer)
    Ambient Temperatures Minimum 15ºC, maximum 40ºC *
       * Contact an AMETEK Representative for Special Requirements
    Standard Stainless steel, NEMA 4X (IP-65), NEMA 7 Ex d
    Dimensions Controller 36x30x12 inch minimum
    Purge Type X for Class I, Division I, Groups A - D area classification, (ATEX Category 2) or Type Z for Class I, Division 2. Groups A - D area classification, (ATEX Category 3)
    Optional Heating and Air Conditioning System
    Power 115 or 230 VAC ± 10%, 50x60 Hertz, 80 W typical, 300 W max
    Class 1 DIV 2 External Touch Screen Interface, Power Switch, Valve Control Switch, Remote/ Local Control Switch, Capture Enable
    Class 1 DIV 1 Internal Touch Screen Interface, Power Switch, Valve Control Switch, Auto Start/Stop Switch, Capture Enable
    Standard Outputs 4-20 mA for sulfur and density, dry contact for common alarm, enclosure safety alarm, data valid, in bounds signal, RS-485 serial data
    Optional Outputs Profibus, Modbus, Ethernet
    Standard Inputs Densitometer input, dry contact for analyzer stop/start, mode switching
    Measurement Flowcell
    Technique X-ray Transmission (XRT)
    Analysis Time Nominally 100 seconds
    Typical One Sigma Precision ±50 ppm @ 0.1 Wt% sulfur
    ± 30 ppm @ 3.2 Wt% sulfur (consult AMETEK for application)
    X-ray Source X-ray tube
    X-ray Detector High resolution gas filled proportional counter Leak Detection: Capacitive leak sensor
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