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682T-HP Sulfur Analyzer

Model ASOMA 682T-HP

Using x-ray-transmission analysis techniques, the 682T-HP has been developed as a fast, sensitive and compact solution for on-line monitoring of the sulfur content in highly viscous hydrocarbons.

The 682T-HP is not just a sulfur analyzer, but a fully integrated system. Process pressure, temperature and density can be continuously monitored, ensuring accurate measurements even as process conditions change.

The sample is irradiated with high-energy x-rays, which are absorbed by the sulfur atoms. A detector on the opposite side of the flowcell measures the x-rays that get through and that signal intensity is inversely proportional to the sulfur concentration.

Having minimal, if any, sample conditioning and recovery requirements, the 682T-HP provides an ideal solution for on-line monitoring of sulfur in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

The 682T-HP provides continuous, reliable detection of sulfur at working process pressures. It can operate as a stand-alone analyzer or can be tied in to plantwide automation systems to provide real-time strategic measurements.

Analyzer operation is regulated by an integrated processor that monitors instrument parameters such as process temperature, density and system diagnostics. It also provides a suite of alarms and a standard platform for communicating to a plantwide distribution control system (DCS).

With its rugged, time-proven proportional counter detector and x-ray tube source, the 682T-HP gives superb analytical precision, with a sulfur limit of detection of 200 ppm. Rapid update rates are provided as frequently as once every five seconds.

The 682T-HP is the high-temperature, high-pressure solution for the continuous analysis of sulfur in viscous hydrocarbons – Find out more.

  • Large flowcell diameter reduces interferences
  • Fully integrated densitometer
  • Automatic density compensation
  • Touchscreen controls with password-protection