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CEM Oxygen Analyzer

Model CEM Oxygen Analyzer

The CEM Oxygen (CEM/O2) analyzer is designed to measure net oxygen content in flue gas and process applications, for emissions control, product quality and process efficiency.

With a compact footprint for easy integration, the analyzer is designed for use in wet or dry gas continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) systems, particularly in applications where the sample is extracted to a remote analyzer location.

The sample inlet feeds a straight-run sample line with center-mounted chimney-effect convection stack for continuous sampling.  A portion of the sample flows into the convection loop and is measured by the zirconia oxide cell.

Developed to meet the replacement and integration needs of hot-wet extractive CEM systems integrators, the CEM/O2 is ideal for use in applications in the cement and lime, power generation, and pulp and paper and other industrial processes.

Compact sensor housing easily fits into CEM cabinets and complies with 40 CFR Part 60 & 75 Federal EPA performance specification requirements.  It is also available in a flow-insensitive sample design high-particulate or condensate streams.

To measure moisture in flue gas, a CEM/Humox analyzer combines two CEM/O2 sensors, one dry and one wet. A modified control unit calculates moisture levels by measuring and comparing the wet and dry O2 concentrations.

The CEM/O2 uses a Series 2000 control unit, which provides a four-line local display, analog outputs, alarms, expanded system diagnostics and an autocalibration option.

The CEM/ O2 analyzer is the extractive net oxygen analyzer for wet or dry gas monitoring – Find out more.

  • Wet or dry gas sampling
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to operate
  • Optional moisture measurement