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ta7000 Gas Purity Monitors

Model ta7000 Gas Purity Monitors

Designed for modern ultra-high-purity (UHP) gas applications, the ta7000 series measures impurities at extremely low, parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels, using either a reduction gas detector or flame ionization detector.

Employing an advanced algorithm that isolates measurement signals while filtering out random electronic noise, the analyzer delivers unparalleled sensitivity. This results in an accurate, precise profile of bulk gas quality.

Two versions are available: the ta7000R provides hydrogen and carbon monoxide measurements, while the ta7000F measures carbon dioxide, methane and non-methane hydrocarbons. Both monitors have a detection limit below 500ppt.

The ta7000 delivers confidence that house gases comply with specifications at the source of the UHP gas distribution system, continuously validating and defending the quality of purified gas at this critical point.

Gas distribution systems are susceptible to upsets over time, due to expiration of flow components, component outgassing and accidental purifier overload. Continuous monitoring by the ta7000 detects contamination before it spreads throughout the piping network.

With a dedicated sample processing system, single high-sensitivity detector and on-board data analysis electronics, the ta7000 delivers high value and performance, preconfigured for use on specific types of gas.

The ta7000 is the solution for high-sensitivity UHP gas purity monitoring – Find out more.


  • Highly sensitive monitoring

  • Cost effective maintenance and operation

  • On-board gas regulation

  • Internal calibration system