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Ribbon Burners

Ribbon burners provide the very high temperatures required for the glass manufacturing process. They are designed to create a uniform flame pattern, avoiding the issue of glass surface striation. Specific measurements are needed to ensure product quality.

As with other high-heat sources used in glass production, efficient operation of the burner depends upon an optimized combustion reaction. This, in turn, depends upon finding the ideal balance between oxygen and fuel.

Glass production demands very high temperatures, particularly in the furnace and forehearth, where the atmosphere of the molten glass must be controlled. The ribbon burner is an effective heat supply for this application and requires careful monitoring of the air/fuel mixture.

We deliver proven stationary and portable solutions specifically designed for premix gas. Using proven zirconium oxide sensing and a specialized design and software, these instruments support ribbon burner efficiency and the quality of the final product.

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    Combustion Control

    The key to combustion efficiency in the burner, is to maintain the optimum ratio between air and fuel. This requires accurate monitoring of the proportions of air and fuel in both excess oxygen and excess fuel conditions.

    Recommended products: CMFA-P2000, PreMix 2000

    Product quality

    By accurately maintaining the correct air-to-fuel ratio in glass production processes, the quality of the end product can be assured, and the manufacturing equipment protected.

    Recommended products: CMFA-P2000, PreMix 2000