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The pharmaceutical industry develops products for use in medical applications. These products are subject to strict regulations, so product quality assurance through trace-level analysis is essential.

The manufacturing processes often involve potentially harmful substances, or inert environments, requiring continuous, rapid-response monitoring to prevent unsafe conditions.

Analytical solutions are required for many reasons within pharmaceutical applications: to support process efficiency, ensure adequate drying, and to monitor the environment for safety.

Pharmaceutical applications require outstanding sensitivity and stability combined with accurate real-time monitoring. We deliver field-proven systems that provide reliable measurement for fired heaters and boilers and the multi-component analysis required for fermentation process control and drying while offering compact designs and ease of operation.

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    Drying operations

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers use a combination of approaches to remove moisture and solvents from their products. Effective and efficient drying is key to final product quality. Keep Reading

    Fired heaters

    Fired heaters are a direct-fired heat exchanger that use safe, efficient and controlled combustion to raise the temperature of feed flowing through coils throughout the heater. Keep Reading

    Lime kilns

    Limestone is used in pharmaceutics for the manufacture of pills and compounds such as milk of magnesia. Combustion control in the kiln is important to process efficiency, safety and emissions control. Keep Reading

    Power and steam generation

    Many pharmaceutical manufacturing processes require high temperatures, often supplied by power and steam generation. To control efficiency, the combustion reaction must be controlled by monitoring the oxygen level present. Keep Reading