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Inert Gas Purity

Inert gases have many applications, and are often used in industry to blanket a process to prevent explosive or damaging reactions that would otherwise occur in atmospheric air.

The key property of an inert gas is its very low level of reactivity. To maintain this quality, it is important to ensure that the gas is as pure as possible.

Applications using inert gases include food packaging, electronics manufacturing and welding. Commonly, the inert gas is used to avoid or limit the presence of oxygen.

We provide field-proven analytical solutions using trusted zirconium sensors that react quickly and accurately to changing oxygen concentrations. This rapid response allows quick detection of any change to inert gas purity.
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    Trace oxygen monitoring

    Oxygen is highly reactive, so its presence in an inert gas is undesirable. It is important to monitor inert gases for trace O2 impurities to ensure gas quality.

    Recommended products: CG1000, TM2000