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Hydrocarbon Processing

In addition to providing fuel sources, oil and gas can be used as feedstocks to produce a variety of useful chemicals. This processing requires a wide range of monitoring and measurement solutions.

Hydrocarbon processing is a demanding industry, and applications need accurate, reliable measurement instruments that can operate continuously in often challenging environments.

Analyzer solutions fulfill a range of functions including helping to control processes, increase efficiency, improve safety and monitor harmful emissions. They can reduce operational costs and support better product quality.

With decades of experience in this key industry, AMETEK Process Instruments offers an extensive range of gas and moisture analyzers for HP applications. These unique technologies and advanced designs provide the critical measurements needed to optimize processes, ensuring high quality products in safe operating conditions.

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    Continuous catalyst regeneration

    Controlling efficiency in continuous catalyst regeneration maximizes the catalyst lifespan by minimizing thermal damage, and affects the overall quality of the final product. Keep Reading

    Emission compliance

    Many processes generate harmful gases and particulate matter, which are subject to environmental regulation. Compliance with these regulations must be demonstrated to avoid fines and other sanctions. Keep Reading

    Ethylene oxide

    Derived from ethylene, ethylene oxide is a highly versatile chemical building block with many useful derivatives. These chemicals are integral to the manufacture of a wide range of consumer products. Keep Reading

    Ethylene production

    Millions of tons of ethylene are produced each year, using a wide range of hydrocarbon feedstocks. It is typically used to produce the raw materials for more complex polymers. Keep Reading

    Marine fuel

    Marine fuel is a viscous oil which can be burned to generate the power for marine vessels. It must be purified before use to remove water and dirt. Keep Reading

    Power & steam boilers

    The high temperatures required for many manufacturing processes are supplied by boilers – to control efficiency, the combustion reaction must be controlled by monitoring the oxygen level present. Keep Reading

    Process/fired heaters

    Process/fired heaters are used to provide a safe, efficient and controlled method for maintaining heat within a liquid or gaseous medium such as water, oil or chemical mixture. Keep Reading


    A refinery converts crude petroleum oil into useful end products. This requires safe operation and maximum process efficiency in order to optimize the quality and quantity of the final product. Keep Reading

    Sour gas treatment

    Sour gas treatment involves using amine solutions to remove acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from hydrocarbon gas in refineries and gas plants. Keep Reading

    Sulfur recovery

    The Claus sulfur recovery unit (SRU) and tail gas treating unit (TGTU) require a suite of process gas analyzers to ensure safe operation, high efficiency, and meet environmental regulations. Keep Reading

    Sulfuric acid production

    Sulfuric acid is produced by the Contact Process, which converts sulfur dioxide into sulfur trioxide, which in turn is converted into the final product. Keep Reading