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931 Single Gas H2S Analyzer

Model 931 Single Gas H2S Analyzer (opt. + H2 and HC)

Measuring hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the 931 is a rugged, single-ultraviolet (UV) component photometric analyzer with a low-maintenance, no-moving-parts design, housed in an explosion-proof package.

It can also be configured for primary measurements of sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbonyl sulfide (COS), carbon disulfide (CS2) or ammonia (NH3), and provided with a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) for the measurement of hydrogen (H2).

The 931 is a “hot-wet” analyzer with a heated cell oven to avoid condensation. A fully integrated sample system ensures reliable dew point control without running the risk of plugging, contaminating, or flooding the analyzer.

Providing a flexible, configurable solution to a range of complex process control requirements, the 931 is ideal for sulfur recovery and sour gas pipeline applications in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Instead of using a filter/chopper wheel to alternate between measure and reference wavelengths, the 931 uses a fixed optical configuration and pulsed UV lamps. This design leads to increased light throughput, reduced noise levels, and reduced maintenance.

Resolution of better than 0.02 nm is achieved with high-intensity, low-energy hollow cathode UV source lamps. This high-resolution design enables unparalleled linearity over a wide dynamic range, which leads to simple, robust data analysis.

Designed for a variety of gas monitoring and process control applications, the 931 delivers reliable, field-proven single-species measurements. This makes it ideal for high-concentration H2S, monitoring of sour gas pipelines, or process control of SRU tail gas treating units.

The 931 is our single-gas measurement solution for process monitoring and control applications – Find out more.

  • Low-maintenance design
  • No moving parts
  • Minimal span drift
  • Stream-switching capability