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Process/Fired Heaters

Process/fired heaters are direct-fired heat exchangers that use safe, efficient and controlled combustion to raise the temperature of feed flowing through coils throughout the heater.

Fired heaters rely on efficient combustion to reduce fuel consumption, minimize emissions and ensure process safety. Depending on the use, these are called furnaces or fired heaters and they are critical to hydrocarbon processing.

The heaters deliver the high temperatures that are required throughout many hydrocarbon processing applications. Flue gas analysis helps to ensure process optimization and regulatory compliance.

We provide proven solutions for monitoring gases in process/fired heaters. We leverage trusted measurement technology in a range of specialized designs to provide the best match to the application conditions. This enables our analyzers to deliver reliable performance that ensure safe operation of the burner management system.

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    Combustion control

    The key to combustion efficiency is to find the optimum ratio between air and fuel in the combustion reaction. This requires, at the minimum, accurate monitoring of oxygen, and also benefits additional measurements: combustibles (for process optimization) and methane/hydrocarbon (for safety).

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