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241CE II Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer

Model 241CE II Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer

The 241CE II uses an automated, three-stage chilled mirror system to measure the hydrocarbon dew point temperature in natural gas, eliminating operator error.

Designed for unattended operation and low maintenance, it delivers accurate and objective direct measurements of hydrocarbon dew point temperature at pipeline or cricondentherm pressure.

The 241CE II uses a thermoelectric cooler to control the temperature of a two-surface mirror, which is measured using a platinum resistance temperature detector for long-term stability and accuracy.

Sensitive enough to detect trace amounts of dew while strong enough to withstand saturation levels, the 241CE II is designed for use in natural gas applications, and is also suitable for processes in the power, refining, chemical and petrochemical markets.

A fully integrated sample system package – including a proprietary three-stage filter specifically designed for natural gas samples – provides superior protection for the analyzer against common natural gas contaminants.

The single-cell, dual-surface mirror design eliminates interferences, allowing differentiation between water and hydrocarbon condensate for an accurate measurement of hydrocarbon dew point. Sensitive optics and precise cooling control give improved accuracy and repeatability compared to manual devices.

The three-stage measurement process requires no tuning, no adjustments, and no need for external coolant. The automated optical measurement of hydrocarbon dew point eliminates any errors due to operator interpretation of the condensate formed on the mirror.

The 241CE II is an accurate, reliable solution for hydrocarbon dew point measurement – Find out more.


  • High sensitivity
  • Broad detection range
  • Cost efficient maintenance and operation
  • Expandable with multipoint stream selector