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WDG-V UOP Analyzer


Building on the legacy of performance and high reliability of its predecessor, the WDG-V UOP/RP was designed in conjunction with UOP Continuous Catalyst Regeneration (CCR) process requirements for low-level oxygen (O2) measurement during the regeneration cycle in which coke deposits are removed from the catalyst by oxidation.

For high reliability, the analyzer uses a specially treated zirconium oxide cell that can survive the destructive effects of halogen oxidation, providing reliable O2 control measurements to prevent thermal damage to the catalyst.

The sensor uses a nitrogen-operated aspirator to draw a sample of gas from the catalyst regenerator. A portion of this gas passes over the zirconia sensor. Because the aspirator gas contains no O2, the sample can simply be returned to the process.

Specifically developed for monitoring O2 in the UOP CCR process, the WDG-V UOP/RP is an ideal solution for this important application in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

The WDG-V UOP/RP leverages the WDG-V electronics platform and offers advanced diagnostics, predictive maintenance algorithms, proactive alarms and digital communications. Designed for SIL-2 safety systems, the WDG-V electronics provide an additional layer of safety to ensure reliable operation for the CCR process. The electronics also connect to the AMEVision HMI Host Display for an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface and additional digital communications. 

The WDG-V UOP/RP is designed with an enhanced enclosure for improved ingress protection and easier servicing. Floating hinges on the doors give end users more accessibility for servicing and increased sealing for ingress protection. 

The removal of coke deposits from the catalyst by oxidation is a key part of the CCR process. The WDG-V UOP series of analyzers has a proven track record since 1980 in providing careful control of the O2 level in the CCR process.

The WDG-V UOP/RP analyzer is our application-specific solution for low-level O2 monitoring in the challenging CCR platforming/reforming process. This latest version is available for European and International projects with ATEX and IECEx Zone II 3 G area classification requirements with CE marking and RoHS compliance. – Find out more.

  • High reliability
  • Hastelloy probe tube
  • Proven integral flow indicator
  • 316 SS wetted parts (option for Hastelloy C)
  • Dual isolation valves standard for serviceability
  • Predictive diagnostics and proactive alarms designed for SIL-2