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Gas Purification

The gases used in LCD/OLED display manufacture must meet a specified purity to ensure product quality. This requires accurate monitoring of any contaminants during the production process to ensure the necessary quality is met.

Manufacturers demand assured purity from the purified gases used. Fast, precise and reliable analysis of the gas must be carried out to ensure impurities remain within specified, very low limits.

Among the many trace impurities that must be measured are moisture, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. Moisture analyzers require a fast dry-down response and multi-gas compatibility.

We provide a wide range of moisture analyzers using a quartz crystal microbalance technology to ensure continuous, reliable measurements. For other impurities, reduction gas detectors and flame ionization detectors deliver the accuracy and sensitivity required.

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    The aim of gas purification is to ensure the required level of product quality. Monitoring the trace contamination from moisture and other compounds using a range of technologies helps determine the final quality.

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