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IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer

Model IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer

The IPS-4 is a cost-effective, low maintenance photometric spectrometer with the ability to measure up to eight analytes in a gas or liquid phase sample.

Available in UV-VIS, NDIR and IR/UV platforms, it provides a fully integrated sample conditioning system for easy maintenance. The IPS-4 has an IP65enclosure and is durable enough for use in harsh environments.

The IPS-4 is engineered for outdoor installation, so it can be sited close to the process being monitored, minimizing sample transport delays and the need for expensive instrument shelters.

Providing an economic, user-friendly solution for online process analysis of gases and liquids, the IPS-4 is ideal for use in the hydrocarbon processing and natural gas industries.

Three different platforms offer the analysis of multiple gas components suited to specific applications. UV analysis is free of cross-interferences from lighter hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and water, while IR provides powerful component concentration measurements.

With no exposed parts, the IPS-4 can be mounted in demanding environments, including outdoor, wash-down and hazardous locations. It still provides the user interfaces expected in production environments. A fiber-optic version is available, which keeps the electronics away from highly corrosive conditions.

The optical bench of the IPS-4 contains no moving parts, and uses a xenon lamp with an expected lifespan exceeding two years. The integrated sampling system reduces both maintenance and installation requirements.

The IPS-4 is the cost-effective, reliable solution for on-line process gas and liquid analysis – Find out more.

  • Multiple gas capability
  • Integrated, customizable sampling system
  • Designed to analyze hot and wet samples, reducing the need for coolers or chillers
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Analog and digital connectivity options