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900 Tail Gas-Air Demand Analyzer

Model 900 Air Demand Analyzer

Using high-resolution ultraviolet (UV) technology in a dual-beam, multiple-wavelength configuration, the 900 is specifically designed to meet the demanding analytical requirements of modern sulfur recovery processes.

Capable of measuring up to four species simultaneously, this air demand analyzer is uniquely capable of monitoring off-ratio applications, providing accurate chemical concentration data over wide dynamic ranges.

High-intensity, line-source lamps provide a resolution better than 0.02nm, and great measurement stability. The high-resolution enables excellent linearity over a wide dynamic range.

Designed for extreme climates where a personnel shelter is required, or where there are constraints to mount a ‘top of the pipe’ analyzer, the 900 is ideal for use in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Combined with a reference measurement, the dual-beam UV configuration enables the 900 to operate with low-noise performance, providing minimal baseline and span drift.

The ASR900 advanced sulfur reduction sampling probe uses a temperature-controlled sulfur condenser, providing sulfur vapor control at the sample point. This ensures no plugging will occur in the sample lines and analyzer.

The sample can be delivered up to 20m (60ft) or more from sample tap to the analyzer shelter, which can be located at grade level.

The 900 is our extractive air demand analyzer for sulfur recovery tail gas applications – Find out more.

  • Proven performance, backed by decades of experience
  • Measures up to four species simultaneously
  • Automated zero gas calibration
  • Reliable, trouble free sampling in demanding environments