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At AMETEK Process Instruments, we focus our experience on designing new, innovative analyzers that help our customers achieve higher levels of productivity and quality. We do this by seeking out ways to overcome the limitations of current methods of process monitoring, control, and quality assurance. It is through this focus that we have created some of the most reliable and accurate technologies in the world. Let us help you find the best solution for your process analyzer needs.
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StreamPro Process Mass Spectrometer for online gas analysis 
StreamPro process mass spectrometer for critical process analysis and control applications

The StreamPro process mass spectrometer offers real-time gas analysis in a reliable easy-to-use, compact package for a wide range of industrial applications.

WDG-V Blowback
WDG-V Blowback analyzer for coal-fired power and high particulate applications
The WDG-V Blowback offers a complete, direct-mounted solution with automated blowback functionality for combustion process control and safety in coal-fired power boilers and high-particulate applications.           

Laser - 5100P

5100P transportable analyzer provides simple, easy-to-use moisture analysis using TDLAS

Using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy, the 5100P is a transportable, easy-to-use analyzer optimized to measure either water vapor (H2O) or carbon dioxide (CO2) in select gas streams.