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Efficient control of the combustion processes in pulp and paper production can help reduce the fuel costs involved in creating the energy required, and also lowers harmful emissions.

Effective combustion control depends on finding the optimum ratio between oxygen (air) and fuel. This allows the most efficient operation while ensuring safety and lower emissions.

Effective combustion control increases burner output safely while also reducing fuel costs and emissions.  

We provide proven solutions for monitoring gases in the combustion process. These use a range of different gas analysis technologies to provide the best match to the application – with options for high-particulate conditions.

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    Combustion control

    The key to combustion efficiency is to find the optimum ratio between air and fuel in the combustion reaction. This requires, at the minimum, accurate monitoring of oxygen, and also benefits from additional measurements: combustibles (for process optimization) and methane/hydrocarbon (for safety).

    Recommended products: WDG-HPIIWDG Insitu, 5100HD