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920 Hot/Wet Multi Gas Analyzer

Model 920 Hot/Wet Multi Gas CEM

The 920 is a multi-gas analyzer specifically configured to monitor the stack emissions of multiple pollutants on a concentration basis.

Combining hot-wet analysis with reliable ultraviolet-based measurements, the 920 delivers multi-range sulfur dioxide measurements, alongside simultaneous, independent measurements for nitric oxide and nitric dioxide.

A full-function continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system, the 920 requires the addition of only a sample probe and sample line to be fully operational, and offers automated zero and span calibration.

With a range of housing options, including purpose-built cabinets and walk-in shelters, the 920 provides accurate multi-gas monitoring for pollutants in a range of applications for the hydrocarbon processing and fine chemicals industries.

The UV-based measurements are unaffected by interference from water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). They also provide a wide dynamic range for some measurements. There is no need for sample drying, which greatly simplifies sample handling and integrity.

Sample system components are heated above the dew point of the sample gas. This results in a simpler, more accurate calculation of gas concentrations.

The analyzer performs all necessary sample gas and calibration gas flow managements, and probe and sample line temperature controls.

The 920 is the UV-based multi-gas CEM system for stack pollutant emissions monitoring on a concentration basis – Find out more.

  • Multi-range sulfur dioxide
  • Simultaneous NO and NO2 measurements
  • Automated zero and span calibration
  • Serial communication with plant DCS