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934 Sensor Specific Gas Analyzer

Model 934 Sensor Specific Gas Analyzer

Adapted from our 931/932 ultraviolet (UV) analyzer platform, the 934 sensor-specific analyzer measures hydrogen (H2) in tail gas treating unit (TGTU) applications when hydrogen sulfide (H2S) measurements are not needed.

With a rugged, low-maintenance design and minimal calibration drift, the analyzer uses a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) to deliver accurate H2 measurements while requiring minimum sample conditioning.

Using a heated sensor and sample system to avoid any hydrocarbon or water condensation, the analyzer can be used for hot-wet H2 measurement in TGTU applications with no water removal, and no pump.

Developed specifically for TGTU applications in sulfur recovery, the 934 is ideal for H2 concentration measurements in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

In addition to the heated sensor, reliable temperature control keeps the fully integrated sample system above the sample gas dew point temperature, avoiding the risk of plugging, contamination or flooding of the analyzer.

The 934 measures H2 in either 0-5% or 0-10% ranges, with other ranges available on request. An infrared sensor can be added for measurements of total hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide.

The 934 is compatible with our double block Heated Acid Gas (HAG) sampling probe, a fully integrated, electrically heated sample handling assembly. This provides a single connection for the sample extraction and return to the process.

The 934 is our sensor-specific analyzer for H2 measurements in TGTU applicationsFind out more.

  • Sample return to process (with HAG probe)
  • Minimum sample conditioning
  • Low-maintenance design
  • Minimal calibration drift