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Ranarex Portable Gas Gravitometer

Chandler Engineering Ranarex Portable Gas Gravitometer for Process Gas Analysis

The Ranarex is a fast-response, simple-to-operate portable gas gravitometer used to determine the specific gravity of a process gas in comparison to air.

Using a proven, trusted measurement technique in operation for more than 90 years, the gravitometer offers multiple scales and field-proven accuracy within 0.05% of actual value over a specific gravity range of 0.52 to 1.90.

Free of span drift and with minimal zero drift, the Ranarex features a simple electro-mechanical design, simplifying both operation and maintenance. Jeweled pivots and permanently lubricated ball bearings minimize wear and virtually eliminate servicing.

Meeting the ASTM D1070 standard test method for relative density of gaseous fuels, the Ranarex offers a trusted solution for confirming process gas mixtures and quality in the hydrocarbon processing and natural gas industries.

The Ranarex is constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant mechanical components with no fragile glass or electronic parts, minimizing installation requirements and reducing the total cost of ownership.

The portable gravitometer can be operated from the floor, a bench, or hung from the wall, using either a standard AC power supply or a 12-volt vehicle battery through a DC-AC inverter.

In operation for more than 90 years, with an estimated 30,000 installations, the Ranarex gas gravitometer delivers a reliable, instantaneous response with no time required for chemical reaction or gas diffusion.

The Ranarex gas gravitometer is a simple, reliable solution for measuring the specific gravity of a process gas – Find out more.

  • Fast response specific gravity measurement
  • Meets ASTM D1070
  • Low total cost of ownership with a completely electro-mechanical construction
  • Field-proven accuracy