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Semiconductors – chiefly silicon – play an essential role in modern electronics and communications systems, and are used in the production of Integrated Circuits like microprocessors, system on chips (SOC) and various random-access memories (RAM).

Semiconductor manufacture requires a very high level of product purity. This quality can only be delivered if the manufacturing process and surrounding environment is kept free from contamination.

Moisture contamination in semiconductor manufacturing is a major cause of defects, significantly impacting yield. Monitoring and controlling the moisture content in the high purity gas used in wafer production and storage areas, and in manufacturing is critical to maintain quality and maximize yield. Additionally, oxygen measurement becomes critical for product purity in stages for rapid thermal processing.

We provide a variety of highly accurate methods for measuring moisture and oxygen from high levels to trace amounts. Many manufacturing applications rely on trace measurements of water vapor or oxygen to ensure process quality is maintained. Our analyzer solutions support continuous monitoring of the process environment.

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    Gas purification

    Gases used in semiconductor manufacture are required to meet a specified purity to protect product quality. Accurate monitoring of any trace-level contamination during the production process ensures the necessary quality is achieved. Keep Reading

    Rapid thermal processing (RTP)

    In this process, silicon wafers used in semiconductor manufacturing are heated to temperatures above 1,000oC (1832oF) within several seconds. Keep Reading

    Vapor deposition

    Vapor deposition is commonly used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry to create thin films on the wafer substrate. It is usually an ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) or low-pressure process.