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Melt Tanks/Forehearth

Melt tanks operate at very high temperatures and are used to create molten glass from the raw materials. This molten glass flows into the forehearth, where it is cut into gobs for molding. Specific measurements are needed to ensure product quality.

Variations in forehearth temperature can affect glass quality. To produce the desired flame, these burners use an air/fuel premixer. These premixers combine fuel with air prior to the burner and require proper air/fuel mixture monitoring.

Melt tanks may operate slightly fuel rich or lean, and a premix analyzer is used for precise control of the burner.

We provide stationary and portable solutions specifically designed for premix gas. Using proven zirconium oxide sensing and a specialized design and software, these instruments can handle oxidizing and reducing premix gases, and provide continuous measurements in the process flue gas.
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    Product quality

    Maintaining the correct air/fuel mixture in the melt tank and glass forehearth ensures the quality of the end product, and also protects the manufacturing equipment.

    Recommended products: CMFA-P2000, PreMix 2000