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Ethylene Oxide

Derived from ethylene, ethylene oxide is a highly versatile chemical building block with many useful derivatives. These chemicals are integral to the manufacture of a wide range of consumer products.

In a pure state, ethylene oxide is used to sterilize many medical supplies and devices. However, its primary use is as an intermediate for the production of other commercially important chemical compounds.

Chemicals produced from ethylene oxide include ethylene glycol, which is used for antifreeze, fiberglass and polyester fibers, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), used to manufacture plastic bottles and packaging film.

We offer integrated photometric spectrometry solutions that provide continuous, automated measurements for purity control. Our instruments measure up to four wavelengths simultaneously, and can be set from a remote location, reducing safety risks in the production environment.

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    Ethylene Glycol QA/QC

    Ethylene glycol is a common chemical prepared commercially by the hydration of ethylene oxide. Purity must be continuously monitored during manufacturing to assure the chemical meets final product specifications.

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