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Glove Box Applications

A glove box is a sealed container used for manipulating objects in a separate, isolated atmosphere. This is typically an inert environment for safe handling of the box contents.

Glove boxes are often used for working with hazardous materials, so it is important that a safe atmosphere is constantly maintained within the box.

For inert atmospheres within the glove box, heated copper is commonly used to remove oxygen (O2), then regenerated. It is important to monitor any remaining O2 to ensure a continued controlled environment.

We provide field-proven analytical solutions using trusted zirconium sensors that react quickly and accurately to changing O2 concentrations. This rapid response allows quick detection of any change to an inert atmosphere within the glove box.

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    Trace oxygen monitoring

    Inert atmospheres within glove boxes demand a high level of purity. Oxygen is a contaminant of particular concern, and is easily introduced from atmospheric air, so it is important to monitor it at very low levels.

    Recommended products: CG1000, CG1100, TM2000