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930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer

Model 930 H2S in Sulfur Pit Analyzer

Using proven ultraviolet (UV) technology, the 930 identifies potential safety risks in sulfur storage locations through simultaneous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) measurements.

Capable of stable, sensitive measurements ranging from parts-per-million (ppm) to percentage levels, the analyzer offers output alarms for the lower explosive limit of H2S and smoldering fire level of SO2.

The 930 analyzer samples the vapor space gas using reliable UV technology. The sampling system has a sulfur knock-out at the probe to eliminate entry of excess sulfur vapor or liquid into the system.

Sharing a common design with the 900 (air demand) and 910/920 (stack gas) analyzers, the 930 provides simultaneous safety measurements for sulfur recovery and de-gassing in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

The 930’s dual-beam configuration, combined with the reference measurement, ensures low noise performance with minimal baseline and span drift. Measurements from ppm to percent level are possible.

A multi-component UV analyzer, the 930 is configured to measure both H2S and SO2 in the sulfur pit at the same time.

The ASR900 advanced sulfur reduction sampling probe uses a temperature-controlled sulfur condenser, providing sulfur vapor control at the sample point. This ensures no plugging will occur in the sample lines and analyzer.

The 930 is the sulfur pit analyzer designed to ensure safety through accurate H2S and SO2 measurements – Find out more.

  • Common design with 900 and 910/920 analyzers
  • ppm to percent level measurements
  • Exceptional baseline stability and sensitivity
  • ASR900 probe prevents sulfur plugging