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PreMix 2000 Analyzer

Model PreMix 2000

The PreMix 2000 analyzer accurately and continuously measures the proportions of oxygen (O2) and fuel in premix gases, operating in either excess fuel or excess air conditions.

It has the capability to measure the air/fuel ratio in open-flame applications where flue gas measurements are not practical, with measurement and display options including excess O2, excess fuel, oxides/fuel ratio and combustibles.

The analyzer is fed a small sample of the air/fuel mixture, burns it, and then measures the net O2 or net excess fuel content of the mixture.

Designed for permanent installation in pre-combustion applications, the PreMix 2000 is ideal for a range of premix burner processes across the glass and metals and mining industries, including glass forehearths, glass fiberizing lines and open flame brazing.

Most of the sample gas entering the analyzer passes through the bypass flow meter, which ensures a fast response and keeps the sample inlet purged of dead volume. A small portion of the sample flows through the sample flow meter.

The analyzer can handle both oxidizing and reducing premix gases, and provides a continuous measurement of excess O2 or excess fuel in the process flue gas. This approach ensures the optimum air/fuel ratio before the premix gas reaches the burner.

This field-proven microprocessor control unit provides software-selectable calibration options and extensive analog and digital communications capabilities. It also uses a modular design to facilitate easy upgrades and servicing.

The PreMix 2000 is our permanent installation sensor for air/fuel ratio analysis in premix burners – Find out more.

  • Measures air/fuel ratio in open-flame applications
  • Range of measurement and display options
  • Operates in excess air or excess fuel conditions
  • Calculates calibration gas mix for excess fuel ranges