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UV Curing Ovens

Ultraviolet (UV) curing is used in a wide range of manufacturing applications to increase production efficiency and minimize potential defects and errors during the drying process.  Gas monitoring ensures product quality.

UV light is used to cure surface finishes, inks and adhesives in manufacturing. It is a high-speed, solvent-less process that is used to streamline automation in many industries.

UV curing ovens are widely used across manufacturing processes for medical devices, automotive parts, telecommunications, electronics, graphic arts, metal, glass and plastics.

We provide field-proven analytical solutions, using trusted zirconium sensors, that react quickly and accurately to changing levels of oxygen contamination in the inert environment of the oven.

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    Trace oxygen monitoring

    Most UV curing ovens provide an inert, controlled environment for drying processes. Monitoring trace oxygen contamination inside the oven helps prevent impurities, assures product quality and supports process safety.

    Recommended products: CG1000, CG1100