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WDG-V Blowback

THERMOX Model  WDG-V Combustion Analyzer

The WDG-V Blowback offers a complete, direct-mounted solution with automated blowback functionality for combustion process control and safety in coal-fired power boilers and high-particulate applications.

The WDG-V Blowback uses an integrated package to reduce footprint, eliminate heated sample line and simplify installation with single air/power connections. Users can also automate or manually perform a blowback via the AMEVision HMI.

Built into a WDG-V, the Blowback option adds a second enclosure to house an accumulator and three-way valve. During blowback, the three-way valve isolates the WDG-V and sends pressurized, preheated air to efficiently clean the sample probe and filter.

Supporting particulate loadings of up to 30 mg/m3, the WDG-V Blowback series is ideal for combustion optimization of boilers in the power and steam generation industry, including coal-fired power.

The WDG-V Blowback increases reliability with measurement redundancy and continual diagnostic functions that analyze instrument health and validate measurement. This option also uses a self-regulated heater and heated accumulator to prevent condensation inside the enclosure and within the sample line.

Onboard diagnostic checks provide a low probability of undetected analyzer faults. Communication through Modbus RTU or fast Ethernet allows remote communication for diagnostics, calibration, verification and error notification.

Maintenance tasks can be easily performed on the WDG-V Blowback without having to remove the analyzer from the process flange. The Ethernet connection allows remote performance monitoring for maintenance LANs or asset management systems (AMS).

The WDG-V Blowback is our comprehensive solution for combustion control and safety in high-particulate applications – Find out more.

  • Durable design for high-particulate processes
  • Integrated package with single air/power connections
  • Configurable blowback automation
  • Heated accumulator prevents internal condensation
  • Completely field-serviceable