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Model CMFA-P2000

The CMFA-P2000 (Combustion Mix Flue Gas Analyzer) is a portable combination premix and flue gas analyzer, specifically designed to meet the dual furnace combustion of glass container manufacturing plants.

Two analyzers in one, the CMFA-P2000 is a portable solution designed to measure both excess oxygen and excess fuel in pre-combustion and flue gas applications and provide air/fuel ratio measurements for burner control.

Using a highly reactive bare platinum zirconium oxide cell, the CMFA-P2000 is capable of measuring excess oxygen (O2) in post-combustion flue gas or excess O2 to excess fuel in premixed combustion samples feeding forehearth zones.

The CMFA-P2000 is designed specifically to meet the dual furnace combustion monitoring requirements of the glass and glass fiber manufacturing industry. It is often used in forehearths, melting tanks, flame treating and furnace atmosphere control.

The portable, two-piece analysis and control arrangement allows system separation. This allows users to view the readout control while making remote adjustments of premix and combustion air valves.

The CMFA-P2000 is available with an optional air compressor for driving the integral air operated aspirator. This allows sampling of low-flow premix gases and pulling flue gas samples under draft conditions.

In premix mode, the CMFA-P2000 measures the air/fuel ratio in open-flame applications, where flue gas measurements are impractical. It delivers greater accuracy than directly measuring O2 or combustibles in the premix gas and works in both excess fuel and excess air environments.

The CMFA-P2000 is our portable premix and flue gas analyzer designed specifically for glass container manufacturing plants – Find out more.

  • Two analyzers in one package – for flue gas O2 and premix gases
  • Built-in compressor for sample analysis
  • Works in excess fuel or excess air environments
  • More accurate than direct measurement in premix gas