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Western Research

Our Western Research brand features a wide range of standard and custom-built industrial UV-VIS photometric analyzers for various chemical composition analyses of inert, reactive, and toxic gases or liquids. Used to monitor or control: feedstock quality, reaction rates, quality control/assurance, blending analysis, pollutants, etc.

Chemical Composition Analyzers
Chlorine Dioxide Analyzers

These analyzers are used to control bleach solution strength and monitor the residual ClO2 in scrubber vent gases.

Color Monitors

Analyzers used for quality monitoring of liquids where color is an indicator of liquid purity. Color scales such as ASTM, ICUMSA, APHS, Saybolt, IBC, and Hazen are available.

Hydrocarbon Dew Point of Natural Gas

Chilled mirror devices for the determination of the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas. Both manual and on-line, automatic devices are available.

Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers (excluding CEM Applications)

On-Line process analyzers for the measurement of hydrogen sulfide in both gas and liquid samples. Applications include: sour natural gas, sweet natural gas, sweetening process monitoring (rich amine, lean amine, contractor overhead (sweet) gas), sulfur recovery, acid feed gas, tail gas monitoring, tail gas treatment, etc.

Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) Analyzers

Process analyzers engineered for the control and monitoring of sulfur recovery processes. Applications include: acid feed gas, tail gas, sulfur pit gas, and tail gas treatment.