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932 Multi Gas H2S Analyzer

Model 932 Multi Gas H2S Analyzer (opt. + H2 and HC)

Housed in an explosion-proof package, the 932 is a multi-component ultraviolet (UV) photometric gas analyzer which measures up to five gas species at the same time.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) are the primary measured components. The analyzer can also be configured to measure carbonyl sulfide (COS) and/or carbon disulfide (CS2).

The optical assembly in the 932 supports the simultaneous generation and detection of multiple wavelengths, enabling users to measure multiple analytes of interest, or even different ranges of a single analyte, with one analyzer.

Fully parts-compatible with the 9xx suite of sulfur recovery analyzers, the 932 provides a multi-gas monitoring and control solution for applications in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

The 932 uses a dual beam configuration, with one detector used as a reference to reduce drift. Span drift is further minimized through the use of a hollow cathode lamp that is extremely stable over temperature changes and/or time.

For the detection of species which do not absorb in the UV spectrum, the 932 may optionally use a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) for the measurement of hydrogen (H2), or infrared sensors for the measurement of hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide (CO2).

The 932 is available with a heated cell option for applications where sample condensation may occur. The fully integrated heated cell ensures reliable dew point temperature control without running the risk of plugging, contaminating, or flooding the analyzer.

The 932 is a UV multi-gas photometric analyzer for process monitoring and control – Find out more.

  • Measure up to five species simultaneously
  • Minimal sample conditioning
  • Dual-beam, dual wavelength design
  • Class I, Division 1 and ATEX II 2 G Hazardous Area Rating