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914 Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Model 914 Continuous Emission Monitoring System

The 914 is a custom-built continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system using dry extractive sampling techniques to meet compliance monitoring regulations.

Fully customizable, the 914 uses the UV-based 9900RM analyzer to provide the most precise direct sulfur dioxide (SO2) measurement, along with oxides of nitrogen (NOx) to cover all standard emissions parameters.

The 9900RM can monitor other UV-absorbing species such as hydrogen sulfide and chlorine, and provides oxygen measurements with an integrated paramagnetic cell. For carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide analysis, an infrared analyzer can be integrated into the system.

Incorporating flue gas velocity and moisture measurements for mass flow applications, the 914 is ideal for CEM applications in the hydrocarbon processing industry, sulfuric acid plants, and nitric acid plants.

Designed for primary conditioning of the sample gas, the extraction system combines a temperature-controlled heating unit with a heated sampling line to ensure the integrity of the sample gas. The sample gas is then dried as required and introduced into the analyzers.

Utilizing devices like a Pitot tube or optical detection, along with temperature measurement, allows mass flow measurement to determine mass emission of measured species. The instruments are mounted in a free-standing standard 19-inch open rack, with alternative mountings as options.

A paramagnetic sensor can be integrated into the 9900RM and an infrared analyzer can be added for a wider range of analysis. Enclosed racks, free-standing enclosures and walk-in shelters are available to protect the system from environmental conditions.

914 is our customizable, built-to-order CEM system for compliance monitoring and reporting – Find out more.

  • Direct measurement for SO2 and NOx
  • Sample handling solutions
  • Fully customizable for every parameter
  • Emission monitoring for government regulations for all types of compliance monitoring