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ta3000 Gas Analyzers

Model ta3000 Gas Analyzers

Available in two models, the ta3000 gas analyzer is an isothermal gas chromatograph that can be configured with a reduction gas detector or flame ionization detector.

The analyzer offers extreme measurement sensitivity from parts-per-million (ppm) down to low parts-per-billion (ppb) levels, and negligible matrix effects from permanent gases. Combined with the separating power of gas chromatography, it provides a unique system.

The ta3000R uses a single high-sensitivity reduction gas detector to measure hydrogen, carbon monoxide and unsaturated hydrocarbons. The ta3000F has a highly sensitive flame ionization detector which monitors carbon dioxide, methane and non-methane hydrocarbons.

Configurable for a wide range of trace gas monitoring applications, the ta3000 series offers solutions for markets in the hydrocarbon processing, industrial gas, LCD/OLED display manufacturing and semiconductor industries.

In addition to a choice between reduction gas and flame ionization detectors, the chromatographic hardware of the ta3000 is available in several configurations, enabling the instrument to perform highly specialized tasks.

Designed for continuous operation, the ta3000 fits a traditional 19-inch industrial rack installation, and is sturdy enough for transport to the field for surveys and spot tests. It has a dedicated sample processing system and on-board data analysis electronics.

When interfaced with the Sigma4000 multipoint stream selector, the ta3000 can monitor several sampling points. The on-board microprocessor controls the stream selector, stores calibration parameters and processes data in a variety of formats.

The ta3000 series is the trace-level gas monitoring solution for bulk gas, environmental and research laboratory applicationsFind out more.

  • High sensitivity
  • Broad detection range
  • Cost efficient maintenance and operation
  • Expandable with multipoint stream selector