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Natural Gas

Natural gas, a hydrocarbon gas mixture mostly consisting of methane, provides a significant proportion of the world’s energy supply, with large-scale global usage in combustion-driven power generation applications.

The efficiency of the natural gas combustion process depends upon the reaction between the fuel gas and oxygen (O2). A well-controlled process requires the optimum air-to-fuel ratio to maximize heat capture.

Process control is critical for both efficiency and safety, with insufficient O2 creating an explosion risk and excess O2 reducing burning temperatures and unwanted emissions.

We provide proven solutions for monitoring combustion gases in natural gas-fired power and steam generation processes, using trusted measurement technologies. Our robust combustion analyzers use a proven zirconium oxide for accurate oxygen control, with optional catalytic detectors for combustibles and methane for an all-in-one measurement solution.

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    Combustion control

    The key to combustion efficiency is to find the optimum ratio between air and fuel in the combustion reaction. This requires, at the minimum, accurate monitoring of oxygen, and also benefits from additional measurements: combustibles (for process optimization) and methane/hydrocarbon (for safety).

    Recommended products: WDG-V, WDG Insitu, WDG 1200/1210