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919 Hot/Wet Gas Analyzer

Model 919 Hot/Wet Single Gas Analyzer

The 919 is a fully extractive hot-wet gas analyzer, providing a complete monitoring system with sample extraction and transport, designed to maintain sample integrity.

Developed to meet the requirements of the most challenging process and emissions monitoring applications in a cost-effective way, it delivers high reliability and reduced maintenance, with no moving parts.

The 919’s UV measurement technology does not suffer from water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) interferences, as these species are transparent in the UV. This greatly simplifies sample handling.

Fully compatible with our 900 ADA and series 9xx analyzers, the 919 is ideal for continuous emissions monitoring applications in the hydrocarbon processing and sulfuric acid industries.

High-intensity line source lamps provide resolution better than 0.02nm. They emit at a fixed wavelength for measurement stability, and emit low total power, which removes the potential for sample photolysis. Dual-beam configuration ensures low-noise performance.

The high resolution delivered by the UV sensing technology enables unparalleled linearity over a wide dynamic range which, in turn, leads to a simple and robust data analysis.

The sample cell and all components in contact with the sample are heated above the dew points of all gases in the sample stream. This allows a simpler, more accurate calculation of gas concentrations, requiring no corrections for condensed and dissolved components.

The 919 is the hot-wet UV photometric analyzer for challenging process and emissions monitoring – Find out more.

  • High reliability and reduced maintenance
  • No water correction factors
  • Automated zero and span gas calibration
  • Provides serial interface with plant DCS