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Fiberglass Processing

Fiberglass is made from melted glass which is spun at high speed to create fibers. Specific measurements are needed to ensure product quality.

Precise combustion control is needed to manufacture quality glass fiber insulation products. The final stage uses a high-velocity flame to melt coarse glass strands and draw them out into fine fibers.

To achieve product quality, glass fiber manufacturing requires the air/fuel mixture to be regulated precisely using a specialized premix analyzer. 

We provide stationary and portable solutions specifically designed for the analysis of premix gas. Using proven zirconium oxide sensing and a specialized design and software, these instruments can handle oxidizing and reducing premix gases, and provide continuous measurements in the process flue gas.
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    Product quality

    By accurately and reliably regulating the air-to-fuel ratio in the final stage of the glass fiber process, the tensile strength, density, weight and insulation quality of the fiber can be controlled.

    Recommended products: CMFA-P2000, PreMix 2000