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At AMETEK Process Instruments, we focus our experience on designing new, innovative analyzers that help our customers achieve higher levels of productivity and quality. We do this by seeking out ways to overcome the limitations of current methods of process monitoring, control, and quality assurance. It is through this focus that we have created some of the most reliable and accurate technologies in the world. Let us help you find the best solution for your process analyzer needs.
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Western Research 888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer for the Sulfur Recovery Process
888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyzer - Field proven and highly reliable

As the next generation of our field-proven 880-NSL, the 888 utilizes highly reliable ultraviolet spectroscopy to accurately monitor hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide concentrations in sulfur recovery tail gas. This compact, rugged analyzer mounts directly on the process pipe, eliminating the complexity and safety issues of fiber-optic coupled photometers.

5100HD TDLAS Online Gas Analyzer

5100HD TDLAS Analyzer - Fast, accurate results with proven, laser-based measurement

Using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, the 5100HD can be configured with one or two absorption cells, providing dual stream analysis and/or the measurement of multiple analytes at the same time.

 Thermox WDG-V Combustion Analyzer for Burner Management System and Combustion Control

WDG-V Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzer - Safe operation of the burner management system

The WDG-V provides an additional layer of safety when measuring excess oxygen in the burner management system. It has a close-coupled extractive design for fast response in a wide range of flue gas applications up to 1648°C (3000°F).

IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer - Unparalleled high-quality process gas analysis

The IPS-4 combines ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) technologies to measure components of interest in complex streams, continuously and without concerns about cross-interferences.