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Accurate Moisture Measurement - It's Important!

Moisture affects the physical, chemical, and electrical properties of virtually everything. Moisture (water vapor) is an impurity in the gas processing and chemical manufacturing industries, and its presence in process gas streams adversely affects the manufacturing process and the final product quality. In fact, moisture is the most monitored impurity in any industry. If left undetected, moisture can lead to process downtime or lost end product. Moisture can cause freezing in gas process lines which, in addition to adversely affecting the product, can also damage process lines and equipment. Accurate measurement and analysis of moisture in process gas minimizes corrosion to equipment, improves process yields, lowers plant operating costs, and slows degradation of expensive catalysts. Control of the moisture level is critical for product quality and process optimization. 

Accurate measurement and analysis of moisture in process gas is critical. Regardless of the technology chosen for crucial application, the success of measurement also depends on the proper installation of a moisture analyzer. Therefore, obtaining a reliable and accurate moisture reading depends on choosing the right technology, proper extraction, transport, condition, and delivery of sample to the right moisture analyzer.

Click here to read more about moisture measurement in Jung-il Kim’s article, “Mischievous Moisture,” published in the February 2021 edition of Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine.


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