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The Shift to Clean Energy Solutions

As the natural gas industry assembled in September for the 56th Annual American School of Gas Measurement Technology, it has become clear that the oil and gas industry has embraced the energy transition.  While many of the classes covered traditional topics in natural gas, including gas quality measurements such as moisture or hydrogen sulfide, the discussion among participants ranged from the role of natural gas to the increasing use of biofuels to how hydrogen blending impacts natural gas processing.  Over the past 12 to 18 months, the oil and gas industry has seen an increasing focus on decarbonization, emissions reductions, and alternative fuels to name a few. AMETEK Process Instruments recognizes this shift toward sustainable energy and has been engaging with end users to understand how they will approach this change in the industry. As key provider of instrumentation for the oil and gas industry, we have the measurement technologies to support the analytical needs in these green energy applications, including:

  • Reducing emissions through more efficient combustion processes
  • Meeting regulatory requirements by accurately monitoring emissions
  • Optimizing the production process of clean energy products, such as hydrogen fuel, with reliable process measurements
  • Enhancing the removal of carbon dioxide through low level gas quality measurements

Technologies used in traditional processes can be leveraged for applications ranging from moisture measurement in biomethane to carbon dioxide determination in carbon capture to oxygen and combustibles analysis in biomass or hydrogen production.  Sensing technologies, including zirconium oxide, ultraviolet, quartz crystal microbalance, and tunable diode laser, can be used to support measurements in green energy processes.

A complete review of AMETEK Process Instruments’ capabilities across a spectrum of clean energy applications can be found in the new Clean Energy Solutions brochure.


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